Welcome to my personal dev blog!

I started this website as a way of showing off everything that I am making. I make all sorts of things! Sometimes I make video games, sometimes I make cybersecurity tools, and sometimes I make totally useless things just for fun! Head on over to the dev blog to see what I am putting together!

I also take commissions. If you are interested in my skills, email me at danielreddjones@gmail.com!

Latest from the Blog

SECC update

Been quite a week! I have not worked on SECC as much as I thought I would, but I climbed back on the train putting it together. I am throwing together a basic GUI, so that I can visualize how everything is going to work. I decided that learning a whole new graphical framework wasn’t…


Since Monday I have been hard at work on the chat program, SECC. It is going to use RSA encryption to secure the messages, and I hope to automate the sending and receiving of the keys so that the end user doesn’t have to think about that. I have decided on using PyQT5 for the…

Hello World!

Hard to believe that I have had this website for a year, and only remembered it because I got billed for it a couple weeks ago. I suppose I had better use it, huh? The purpose of this website will be to host some of my projects, to keep up with other projects that I…

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