Fun Links!

This is a folder system of fun links that I find around on the internet. I feel that having a page like this is important for two reasons. For one, it is a permanent place to keep interesting things that I don’t want to fill up my bookmarks with. Second, I think it is important to remind ourselves of just how varied of a place the internet is, and how much content there is outside of Facebook, Reddit, Youtube and Twitter. Its actually a little shocking how much we forget that when everything is centralized. Either way, enough speeches, have some fun links.

Games – Games are the best content on the internet, and no one can change my mind. R.I.P Flash Player. Since Flash Player is dead, games are a lot more rare on the internet so I hope that this list will help you find some that you will find enjoyable.

Forums – Self descriptive. Social media before Facebook and Twitter. They still exist! Come join us.

Creepy – These sites give me the heebie jeebies, and if you are normal, you will get them too.

Nostalgia – Websites and products of yesteryear. I have a lot of fun browsing these old sites, and usually find them on r/forgottenwebsites on Reddit.

Web Operating Systems – Operating systems that run in your browser. There are way more of these than you would think.

Alternative Operating Systems – These are operating systems only super nerds know about. They are fun to play around with, despite being so obscure.