SECC update

Been quite a week! I have not worked on SECC as much as I thought I would, but I climbed back on the train putting it together. I am throwing together a basic GUI, so that I can visualize how everything is going to work. I decided that learning a whole new graphical framework wasn’t worth it, and decided to stick with tkinter anyway. I already know it, and I am better off putting it together with something I am more familiar with.

So far it is coming along nicely. I am trying to thing of what functions I am going to need to get the software working as user friendly as possible. The server code SHOULD be working, though I have not yet tested it. I will be working on that tomorrow since I have the day off of work. My goals for tomorrow: get two clients communicating with each other, and get the GUI working once I have confirmed that the server code is working.

I also purchased the RHCSA voucher. I am looking forward to taking that exam, but I am nervous. I already know most of the material, but the exam is so darn expensive I am working hard to make sure I pass first try. To make sure I know all of the material, I am assuming that I know nothing until I can safely say that I can pass all of the practice tests without issue.

Other than that, its been a slow week. I have not programmed as much as I should have, and I am trying to make coding a daily habit. Tomorrow and Sunday after Church I am going to put a lot of effort into completing this thing, so I can move onto the next project. The next project I want to be something unique that can WOW people. Or at least be entertaining or cool. But what that is, I don’t know yet. Tonight after work I am going to be staying up considering what the next project will be. Once SECC is done, I will post what my idea is, and get to putting it together.


Since Monday I have been hard at work on the chat program, SECC. It is going to use RSA encryption to secure the messages, and I hope to automate the sending and receiving of the keys so that the end user doesn’t have to think about that. I have decided on using PyQT5 for the GUI part of the chat, and I hope to add an encrypted voice chat feature as well. I hope to have a working version of the software by Saturday, but I am going to allow until Wednesday to have the chat up and going.

First step is to get the chat running. The chat is the whole reason this project exists, so that is absolutely critical to get running. Second I will be implementing a GUI. Once the GUI design is over, I will be adding Voice Chat to it. I might write that as its own python file, and write a separate server for it using a different port as well. Another option would be to make it its own thread, but I feel that this could be over-complicating what is meant to be simple secure software.

Another hurdle to overcome is that the RSA library, as I have mentioned in my last blog post, is vulnerable to timing attacks since Python is not very good for encryption. I will eventually have to find another solution to get that working more securely. Until I finish the project though, I am setting that on the backburner. Getting a working project is more important, as I need serious projects for my portfolio.

As for the RHCSA, I am purchasing the voucher tomorrow. I found out that on the RHCSA subreddit I can find discount codes, so I will be using one of those. I will schedule the test for late August. That will be a hard date for me too, as when I give myself the option to postpone a test I almost always do to my own detriment. Once I pass that certification, I will need to decide what to study next. I could go for the CCNA which is one of the most valuable certifications an IT person can have, or take the CompTIA PenTest+ as that renews my Security+ and makes me a good candidate for Top Secret clearance for government jobs since it is the equal to the CEH.

Between the two options, I am leaning heavily towards the CCNA. The CCNA has more learning value, and I can move upwards in my company if I take that as well. My only objection is that it is DRY. Really dry. I tried studying for it last year and had a hard time paying attention to the course I bought on Udemy.

My focus for next week will be the RHCSA. I am primarily working on SECC during slow periods at work. I will be studying at various fast food restaurants, as I have a hard time paying attention at home when my roommates are watching TV or playing video games. The temptation to watch with them is unbearable, and it is good to separate work space from relaxation space anyway. That separation makes people more productive anyway, regardless if they have other people in their home or not, so that is what I will be doing.

Hello World!

Hard to believe that I have had this website for a year, and only remembered it because I got billed for it a couple weeks ago. I suppose I had better use it, huh? The purpose of this website will be to host some of my projects, to keep up with other projects that I am working on, and also to have a presence on the internet that is NOT social media. I am going to be posting here pretty often, so that I actually get my money’s worth out of this site.

To list some of the projects that I am working on right now:

  • Studying for the RHCSA
  • Working on an RSA encrypted chat platform.

The RHCSA, aka the Red Hat Linux System Administrator, is an exam that teaches some of the more advanced sides of Linux. It is still associate level, but it is enough to do systems administration. I have been using Linux ever since 2016 when the then-new Windows 10 came out, and broke my PC. The reason why it broke was because I chose the “keep my files” option when I was upgrading from Windows 8.1. As it turns out, that function didn’t work as intended and made my PC almost unusable. I switched to Linux after that, and haven’t looked back since. Problem is, I have only used Linux as a client until I got my new job. The gap in skills really showed me that I need to push myself further, so I am going for the RHCSA. So far it is intense, but I am learning a lot.

For the RSA chat program, I am going to be making it in Python. The plan is to install the RSA library with pip, then use that framework to build a chat program. I think that this will be an invaluable experience in learning cybersecurity, so I will be working on that tomorrow. One of the main problems I am coming up against is which GUI framework that I want to use. TKinter is pretty easy to use, but it usually looks pretty ugly. I want this chat platform to look really nice, but I don’t want to spend forever designing the front-end.

That’s pretty much all I have for today. I will update this again tomorrow after I start working on it.

First Post!

My website is finally complete, and how I want it to be. The primary purpose is to showcase my programs and what I am up to often, and maybe attract customers for my freelancing business. I hope to primarily do game development and desktop app development, but I might branch out into mobile app development as well.

If you are interested in hiring me, my email is!