SECC update

Been quite a week! I have not worked on SECC as much as I thought I would, but I climbed back on the train putting it together. I am throwing together a basic GUI, so that I can visualize how everything is going to work. I decided that learning a whole new graphical framework wasn’t worth it, and decided to stick with tkinter anyway. I already know it, and I am better off putting it together with something I am more familiar with.

So far it is coming along nicely. I am trying to thing of what functions I am going to need to get the software working as user friendly as possible. The server code SHOULD be working, though I have not yet tested it. I will be working on that tomorrow since I have the day off of work. My goals for tomorrow: get two clients communicating with each other, and get the GUI working once I have confirmed that the server code is working.

I also purchased the RHCSA voucher. I am looking forward to taking that exam, but I am nervous. I already know most of the material, but the exam is so darn expensive I am working hard to make sure I pass first try. To make sure I know all of the material, I am assuming that I know nothing until I can safely say that I can pass all of the practice tests without issue.

Other than that, its been a slow week. I have not programmed as much as I should have, and I am trying to make coding a daily habit. Tomorrow and Sunday after Church I am going to put a lot of effort into completing this thing, so I can move onto the next project. The next project I want to be something unique that can WOW people. Or at least be entertaining or cool. But what that is, I don’t know yet. Tonight after work I am going to be staying up considering what the next project will be. Once SECC is done, I will post what my idea is, and get to putting it together.

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