Hello World!

Hard to believe that I have had this website for a year, and only remembered it because I got billed for it a couple weeks ago. I suppose I had better use it, huh? The purpose of this website will be to host some of my projects, to keep up with other projects that I am working on, and also to have a presence on the internet that is NOT social media. I am going to be posting here pretty often, so that I actually get my money’s worth out of this site.

To list some of the projects that I am working on right now:

  • Studying for the RHCSA
  • Working on an RSA encrypted chat platform.

The RHCSA, aka the Red Hat Linux System Administrator, is an exam that teaches some of the more advanced sides of Linux. It is still associate level, but it is enough to do systems administration. I have been using Linux ever since 2016 when the then-new Windows 10 came out, and broke my PC. The reason why it broke was because I chose the “keep my files” option when I was upgrading from Windows 8.1. As it turns out, that function didn’t work as intended and made my PC almost unusable. I switched to Linux after that, and haven’t looked back since. Problem is, I have only used Linux as a client until I got my new job. The gap in skills really showed me that I need to push myself further, so I am going for the RHCSA. So far it is intense, but I am learning a lot.

For the RSA chat program, I am going to be making it in Python. The plan is to install the RSA library with pip, then use that framework to build a chat program. I think that this will be an invaluable experience in learning cybersecurity, so I will be working on that tomorrow. One of the main problems I am coming up against is which GUI framework that I want to use. TKinter is pretty easy to use, but it usually looks pretty ugly. I want this chat platform to look really nice, but I don’t want to spend forever designing the front-end.

That’s pretty much all I have for today. I will update this again tomorrow after I start working on it.

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